Days 96-119 – 24/11-17/12/15 – Pakistan

We spent the first few nights in the Hunza Valley making our way towards Islamabad.

And a lot of time on roads that were really just dirt tracks πŸ™‚


We were escorted right through the Gilgit region into Islamabad by security services. this one decided to pose for a photo.


The scenery in this region is just spectacular and cannot be missed. Shame we were to close to winter as I would’ve spent a lot more time up here exploring theΒ area.


We spent the night in Islamabad after this we no longer required the security services.

This building was covered in mirrors or shiny metal πŸ™‚


It is totally pimp my truck in this area and they are everywhere.

IMG_0147 IMG_0146

The traffic gets crazy as you start to head into Islamabad and doesn’t let up.

The next day we decided to head for LaHore and apply for visas closer to the border as it was the weekend in Islamabad and everything was closed for processing.

On arriving in LaHore we met some local guys from the Motorcycle Association Pakistan and had a pizza (that was my mistake). For the next 9 days I have been ill and unable to leave the terrible backpackers we were in. I managed to get up and about on the Thursday to move to a better place and have been there since recovering.

Back to normal now and awaiting the Indian visa should’ve been Friday but as usual they didn’t come through so a weekend in Lahore for me.

I am hoping the visa comes Monday and I can head to India and start travels again

Will keep everyone posted….

Well, the visa took 10 days and I finally was able to pick it up on the 17th of Dec. I was packed and ready to go for the 18th to change country. I didn’t have a fun time in Lahore due to being sick for most of it and not able to leave the hotel for any period of time.

Bring on India πŸ™‚

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