Days 92-95 – 20-23/11/15 – China

We set off as soon as the border opened on the Krygyzstan side and went through customs etc into no mans land to the China border where we were stopped as our guide had not turned up.


5 hours later he arrived and was apparently stopped back at the China customs side. we then made our way down into China customs where everything was searched including laptops and phones. We drove another 100k’s and then got to China Immigration where again we had to carry our luggage into the hall for it to be x-rayed


After all the formalities we were off the Kashgar for 2 nights. one day of sightseeing which I couldn’t do much of.


The next morning we headed for Tashkurgan to cross into Pakistan. We spent a long time in immigration again as they only allow everyone to leave in a convoy. we met some Chinese guys travelling on 2 sidecars headed west




That night we decided not to stay in Sost the first town in Pakistan. We headed off to the next town and on arriving at the hotel we were followed in by special forces. (Apparently you aren’t allowed to travel un-escorted in this area)

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