Days 86-90 – 14-18/11/15 – Osh – Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Now this post will get interesting 🙂

I packed up the bike and said goodbye to Laura again. Headed off to Bishkek roads were great up until the pass I was warned might be icy, it was fine heading u the pass then I hit the ice. I came off the first time and got the bike back up the 2nd time I got my foot between the panniers and the ice. I was then fortunate enough  truck stopped and offered me a lift to Bishkek which I am glad I accepted as there was 150kms of ice. They drove me all the way to Bishkek where Hassan came and met me and I rode to the hostel. On trying to get my boot off I realised my foot was a lot more hurt than I expected. I spent the night in the hostel and decided to get foot check out at the hospital the next day.2015-11-15 20.33.43

Nothing was broken just badly bruised, they did put me in a cast to be sure.As I couldn’t ride for a week Hassan offered to tow the bike so we found a russian guy through Ironhorse who fabricated a tow hitch in a day and we had the bike on the back of the 4wd to cross through into China.2015-11-18 14.20.01

We picked up the 4wd and bike and starting making our way to the border


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