Days 80-85 – 8-13/11/15 – Osh, Kyrgyzstan

Patrik from MuzToo had arranged his driver Andrei to travel from Osh to pick me up on the back of a Landcrusier. He arrived around 3pm and we loaded the bike and headed for Osh. Crossing into Kyrgyzstan on remote border was one of the least painful border crossings I have had, straight through and 10USD for the bike. We spent the night in his home town about 90kms from Osh in his friends house.

The next day we drove to Patrik’s house/workshop in Osh and stripped down the bike to find the piston had come apart at the top. No other damage was done only a few bits of the piston floating at the top. Now to get parts !!!!! After working out I needed a piston kist and gasket I phoned UK to get the parts arranged, only problem was shipping them to Osh could take a long time. I discussed this with Laura who then flew the parts too me as was the fastest way possible and safest. She flew out on the Thursday morning and arrived Friday early morning. (good excuse to see me as well 🙂 ). We headed back to hostel and had some breakfast then off to Patrik’s to assemble the bike. It was back running that night and I had to head to Bishkek the next morning to be on time to apply for another visa.

I cannot say enough about Patrik and Muztoo for what they did to help me out of a very bad situation. I would throughly recommend them to anyone and will go back in warmer weather for his tours.

Rode back to hostel in pouring rain and parked up ready to leave the next morning.

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