Days 78-80 – 6-8/11/15 – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan (2 days) – Tajikistan

Up early and on the road with the aim to get as far across into Uzbekistan as possible as my visa was only valid until the 8th Nov.

I was charged more fees in Turkmenistan for them checking my passport and tolls for bridges that didn’t exist. by now I just wanted out of Turkmenistan as I didn’t enjoy it at all. Very frustrating country and charge you for everything they can, not very tourist friendly.

The border crossing was quite painless and of course more fees. I was through and headed for Dushanbe in Tajikistan. Everything was going great about 400kms into the ride and stopped for a police check, which is common, then back going and the bike started to loss power and just stopped. I pulled over onto side of the road in the desert and no phone reception or anything so had a look at the bike and I couldn’t turn the engine over. I waited for about 4 hours and no one stopped (unlike Iran). It was now dark and I noticed what looked like a prison just up the road so pushed the bike to there (about 1km). After explaining what was happening they found a guy who spoke a little english and he managed to find someone willing to tow me to next town. They offered me a bed for the night and some food. The next morning they took me to the main road and tried to flag down a truck to get me across the border as overstaying is very bad in Uzbekistan. Eventually a friend of a friend knew someone with a truck to get me to the border.

In the meantime I had been using the in reach device to chat to Laura who arranged with a mechanic in Osh which border I needed to get to and where they would pick me up the next day.

The truck arrived about 1PM and I arrived at the border at 1AM pushing the bike across.

I WAS OUT and didn’t overstay a visa.

Then it was pushing the bike to the Tajikistan border and getting out of no mans land. I went through all the formalities and such and got through the controls. What I didn’t realise is I had another customs checkpoint and gate to be in the country. I had to persuade the guys to let me through and do all the paperwork.

I was finally in Tajikistan, now the next part of getting a truck to the next town. Taxis drivers at the border eventually understood with me using their phone and google images.

I arrived at the hotel about 4am for a well needed rest.

more to come ….

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