Days 77 – 5/11/15 – Iran – Turkmenistan

This was the most frustrating border crossing so far. The Iran side was very confusing with lots of people pointing to go here and here. this took just over 2 hours by the time I had been up to the bridge and dragged back for another search, they then decided to let me go across without having to strip the big down and carry everything through.

Turkmenistan was even more complex. I was pointed to and taken to so many different offices and then they decided I needed to do the carnet process and charge me ridiculous fees for all sorts of things just for a transit of 2 days. Mind you in the middle of all this process they closed the border for an hour to have lunch. After I thought I was finally through they sent me to the next checkpoint and completely stripped all my luggage and went through everything I had. This process was just under 6 hours to complete, so my only advice is if you are doing this crossing bring lunch and water as nothing can be purchased in this area.

Once finally through I hit the roads, well that is what they call them, I think more like old bush tracks with potholes big enough to swallow a truck. I made it s far as Turkmenabat after having to pay for some fuel in USD as they don’t have credit card facilities and deal only in cash.

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