Days 70-72 – 29-31/10/15 – Damghan – Bojnurd 3 nights

So after not showering for a couple of days and back on the bike early in the morning the aim was to head towards Bojnurd. Around 1pm I found the hotel I was thinking of staying at and decided to push on as too early to stop. I arrived in Bojnurd around 4pm and contacted Jafar, the guy I met in Turkey, he gave me directions to his parents house and offered me a shower (I would of been a bit smelly). After a catchup I decided to stay in a hotel to sort myself out after traveling for a few days my clothes needed a wash. Jafar organised pizza delivery and I crashed for the night.

Next day I spent with him and his friends. We went out and visited his brother-in-laws saffron farm. What a time consuming job
All that is used is the tiny stems in the flower.

That night we drove out to a garden (small farm) had a feed and drinks with all the friends
The next day the plan was to set off for Mashhad. This was after having lunch at Jafar’s parents house. His mum had prepared a lovely meal of traditional Iranian food. I was also given some saffron and told how to use it in cooking ?.

I then set off to Mashhad

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