Days 51-66 – 11-25/10/15 Tehran

So Tehran has been another learning curve in the process of Visa applications!

To travel through to Kyrgyzstan I need to have a Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan visa and they have to be done in reverse order so you can prove exit.

The Tajikistan one was complete within 24 hours, the only thing required was a letter from the Australian Embassy stating that I was an Australian citizen (yes I know that is what a passport is for). So it was a taxi ride across town and then back to the embassy.

Next was Uzbekistan this proved more difficult than any one can imagine. I had completed the forms and arrived at the embassy with everything in hand. rejected!!! need an embassy letter she tells me, so off I go back across town and to Australian embassy another 20 euro later and armed with letters for every embassy that I need now I head back to the Uzbek embassy the next morning. Only I cleaned out my bag and took the wrong letter, you are getting the picture here… I know the Tehran taxi system very well, back to hotel and back to embassy. Hand in all the paperwork only to be rejected again (she confused my passport with Austria even after showing her my passport the first time). I then asked about UK passport she said yes you need letter and will be 8 days, went to British embassy and it isn’t staffed yet so impossible to get letter.  So next option, I had to pay a travel agency for a letter in Uzbekistan. Waited out another 6 days for this letter to turn up. then back to the embassy with everything this time, including the Aussie embassy letter no longer required and was processed within 10 minutes. This has cost me a lot of time and extra money for only 2-3 days to get across to Tajikistan. Think all up around £250 maybe more.

I then took off for the Turkmenistan embassy only to miss it by 15 minutes (open 9:30am – 11:00am Sunday-Thursday). I’m now waiting for Sunday to come around and then I will update the post as to how that one goes.

Update: Went to Turkmenistan Embassy and submitted paperwork to be told the border is closed until the 5th Nov. So I still applied and this will leave me the 5th – 8th Nov to get across Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan as my Uzbek visa expires on the 8th. going to be some long days riding in here to cover 1000 kilometres and border crossings.

In the background I needed tires for the bike and can’t buy anything in Iran that will fit. So thanks to my wonderful girlfriend Laura she purchased them and shipped from UK to Iran. This has taken about 10 – 12 days to deliver and ship to Iran. I now have them but bike is locked in car park due to public holidays so can’t change them till it opens!!!

Bike is now sorted with new tires and an oil change good for another 10,000 kilometres I hope.


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