Days 330-357 – 15/07/16-11/08/2016 – South Thailand

South Thailand

Country: 28 (2nd time in Thailand)

After a very painless border crossing (they didn’t even ask for the permit) I was back in Thailand and headed towards Pattaya to see some people Lawrence had been chatting to. Unfortunately on arriving they were not in the country so I headed into town and found a hotel for the night. After chatting with a mate in NZ he knew someone staying in Pattaya and I spent the next few days having a blast in the town (thanks Mal and Johnny).

Than I headed on the short drive to Bangkok to sort out some things on the bike and new tires as I had worn out another rear. KTM Bangkok looked after me well and sent me to a Pirelli shop for the tires. Everything took a few days to sort out and then it was time to get out of the big city.

IMG_0032.jpg IMG_1280.jpg

I headed west to the Maeklong Train Market what an amazing thing to witness I spent the night in a hostel just up the road from the markets and walked down to watch how it all works. If anyone ever gets the chance I would recommend going to see this. As I left the city I decided to go see the Wat in the tree. It was different as you can see from the photos from below.

IMG_1283.jpg IMG_1287.jpg IMG_1290.jpg

I was originally headed to Koh Tao but the guy arranging the bookings wouldn’t give me a confirmation unless I paid through PayPal (which isn’t working for me in Thailand) so I headed to Phuket and met up with Norman, Maggie, Sheldon and Ewa. I decided to visit the dive shops until I found one I was comfortable with after 7 or so different stores and researching online I decided upon Aussie Divers in Patong Phuket. This turned out to be the best decision as Sheldon also offered me the spare room in the apartment they had for the week and basement parking for the bike.


A few photos of partying with Sheldon and Ewa in Patong walking street. We also met a dutch strongman and he was an absolute laugh and great fun. They led me astray I swear !!!!

IMG_1326.jpg IMG_1321.jpg IMG_1310.jpg

I signed up with Aussie Divers to do my open water / advanced and enriched air courses. I was the only one on the course with my instructor (luck of the draw) and Darren was great and made me feel comfortable. So I am now qualified in all the above and looking forward to diving as much as I can in the future.

IMG_1301.jpg IMG_1299.jpg IMG_1298.jpgG0076559.jpg G0026468.jpg G0026457.jpg G0016443.jpg

After the course I headed to Krabi for a night then onto the Sadao border crossing for Malaysia….

Lawrence has been in touch and I am going down to see him off as he is ending his trip in Kuala Lumpur.

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