Days 302-330 – 17/06/16-15/07/16 – Cambodia

Cambodia…. a bit wet 🙁

Country: 28
Entering into Cambodia was quite painless and easy. Fill out form, pay visa here, go here, fill out form, stamp here, Customs (had to force them to stamp Carnet) and we were through. We stopped for lunch just after the border t have lunch with Rupert before he took off for his run the KL to ship his bike home. Lawrence and I headed for Phnom Penh to spend a couple of nights and check it out the sites. I stayed right next to the Royal Palace where they wheeled the bike into the hotel each night and out again in the morning. I applied for my 60 day Thailand tourist visa while I was here as they offered it as a service. After a few days Lawrence and I were heading to Siem Reap to catch up with Phil. I decided to do the S21 and Killing fields during the morning (I should have done them in a group) they are very surreal and quite upsetting to see what happened in these places. After a heavy downpour and getting myself together I headed off to catch up with Lawrence for Siem Reap.

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After I caught up to him we rode most of the way in very heavy rain with a few patches of clear weather. We ended up riding very late into dark and more rain. We eventually pulled up at the guesthouse where Phil was staying and attempted to dry off :).

Spent a few days in Siem Riep looking at all the sites like Ankor Wat and surrounding areas.

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Lawrence and I then decided to head for the Thailand border to cross over only to be denied as the new permit process was implemented while we have been travelling. This meant heading back to Siem Reap and applying for the stupid permit. As this developed I then needed to go back to Phnom Penh to get a letter witnessed by the Australian Embassy to state why I wanted to enter Thailand and what route I was taking. I decided to take a couple of days and not rush back as the process was going to take time. First stop was Battambang where I met the Scooter Club Pho Bros a group of guys who raised money for special projects in different countries then have a bit of a holiday. Great bunch of guys and I was welcomed with a bottle of Petronas and a speech :). Over the next few days I would keep running into the group and having more laughs with them. I arrived in Phnom Penh and sorted all my paperwork then decided to wait it out in Sihanoukville  for the permit. This took just on a week and when it finally arrived I made a beeline for the closest border to keep moving as monsoon and the rains are quite bad here. Next stop Thailand!!!

The elusive permit


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