Days 201-214 – 07/03/2016-20/03/2016 – Myanmar


Entering into Myanmar was an interesting challenge for Lawrence and Phil as they had extended visas and didn’t know they had to extend their carnets to match the new visas. After a couple of hours of debate and discussion they were finally allowed to leave India after writing letters to state the reasons why they were leaving. Crazy that they were not letting them leave.


Friendship Bridge

After dealing with the paperwork to leave India and meeting our guides for the next 2 weeks we crossed over the bridge into Myanmar for more paperwork. This is the norm for every border and went very smoothly with a government official with us.


Crossing into Myanmar

Stopping for the Myanmar border controls

After sorting the paperwork and customs the guides took us for a lunch that seemed very expensive to us. Lunch done we headed for a town called Kalaymyo to spend our first night. It wasn’t the best hotel as a welcome to the country. That night we decided to head out and find some local street food for dinner was much cheaper and very nice.

The next day we headed to Monywa arriving at a resort which was one of the best places we stayed during the whole time.

The bike is bigger than the Fiat

After a later morning and getting everyone away from the pool it was off towards Bagan via Pakokku and visiting Pagodas. This pagoda has the most buddha images in it and we are talking thousands

On the way to Bagan

Bagan was the next stop and an early morning visit to the top of a pagoda to take photos of the 3000 other ones in the area. It was full of other tourists with a long wit for the sunrise.

(LtoR) Phil, myself and Rupert

The next morning we were off towards Mandalay and stopped at another pagoda, this one had the most gold 🙂

We stayed in another ordinary hotel in Mandalay next day was to visit a monastery where there was 800 monks being fed and then the Ubein Bridge with an afternoon river cruise to see more pagodas

Ubein Bridge

Monks waiting for lunch

Random parade for delivery of another Buddha image

Dude fishing near the bridge

Little monk girls

Big Bell

Large white pagoda

Sunset from the cruise


Sunset from cruise

Today we rode to Pindaya. The next morning a visit another pagoda again with lots of Buddha images and had a very long day ahead to get in Inle Lake.


We made it in good time as it was mostly super highways, three lane either side and no traffic.

The next few days we spent sightseeing around and on Inle Lake. We visited a floating market and had lunch in one of the village restaurants. It was quite fascinating to see how people can live on water with so little and in very tall bamboo houses that move with every step.


Visit to boat drivers home

Floating Pagoda

Cigar rolling so young

How you get about

giving gold to a buddha

After a few days of cruising the river and relaxing we headed towards Naypyidaw for another huge days ride. We pulled up it a very empty huge city and a modern 5 star hotel which was a bit strange after what we had been staying in.

Naypyidaw was built for government and officials with hardly anyone living in it. This massive ultra modern town that is empty.  We headed out next morning with tourist police escort to the massive hardy used highway.

10 lane highway each side

After taking a lot of group photos we headed towards Golden Rock with another long day ahead.

There was a few long days in this tour which proved challenging with the heat and boring long roads.

Not the real golden rock

Crazy truck ride

The next morning we visited the Golden Rock what an interesting way to get there… On the back of trucks on a road that resembles a roller coaster ride with the drivers driving like they stole em.

The Golden Rock was a big disappointment as it was completely covered and no photographs.

After the Golden Rock we headed for Mawlamyine for our last night in Myanmar. This was the worst hotel. After sorting out the terrible rooms they had us in and getting put in rooms with at least a window. We went out for the night and had farewell drinks. The next morning was a disaster as I was woken by water splashing on me, as I opened my eyes all I could see was my laptop swimming under the Air Conditioner unit that had decided to leak all over the place. After a long debate about the cost of the laptop they agreed to pay for a replacement then we hit the road to the border.

Having a Government official with you on the border makes all this much easier and quicker. They actually came to us in a cafe to fill out the paperwork.

So after the goodbyes and farewells we hit the road to THAILAND!!!!

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