Days 166-172 – 01/02/2016-07/02/2016 – Hyderabad – Kolkata (Calcutta)

Marcus was up early and first off as we would catch I’m up later each day. Rupert took off for the West and David was hanging about a day or so more. So that left Lawrence and me.

We headed off towards the East coast and later that day we caught up with Marcus on the Enfield. We settled into a hotel for the night and then got a message from Rupert he was in an accident but he was ok and bike was fixable you can read about it here Roop’s accident (he is a much better writer than me :)). He was heading back to Hyderabad to sort it out with Dave and they would catch up in Kolkata.

As with the common theme we would ride till it was getting to sunset and then find somewhere to stay. Some where cheap flea pits and others were not inhabitable so we rode into the night a couple of times to find something decent. This is challenging as Indian’s don’t use lights the cows are hard to see and roads can sometimes not be the best.

We kept travelling up the expressway and decided to head for the beach at Gopalpur to find a hotel for the night and wait for Marcus to turn up the next morning. After looking at some maps and sick of expressways we decided to head for Chilika Lake and catch a ferry across to break up the trip. This was great as we saw some amazing village scenery and a different look of India. Once at the ferry it was a little concerning that there was only little boats to which I was not putting my bike on.

Can’t upload photos sorry 🙁

The next morning the there of us arrived at the Sun Temple (it was on a weekend) it was packed so I decided to stay with the bikes and keep an eye on them, Lawrence and Marcus heading in to have a look and returned 15 mins later saying they weren’t paying the fee to be crowded and stared at by Indians.

We then left Marcus to catch up later in Kolkata as he was going to explore for wildlife sanctuary and less expressway. Lawrence and I kept going on expressways and arrived in an industrial estate to a very surprising nice hotel in a business park that was very quiet and out of sight from the mob public.

The next morning we had a casual ride into Kolkata and stayed at a very upmarket hotel to splurge for a few nights

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