Days 163-165… – 29/01/2016-31/01/2016 – Bangalore – Hyderabad

We headed for the Belum caves to do some sight-seeing and then backtrack to the edge of the “Indian Grand Canyon” just South of Kurnool.

After some time we found the caves which after descending into turned out to be the most humid and basically a sauna our only relief was the very occasional air fan pumping in fresh air from the top. It was packed with school kids which I took upon myself to scare as the giants walked through by shouting RAH!!! at them 🙂 (it amused me).

After some discussions around what to do for the night it was agreed to camp at the “Indian Grand Canyon”. We followed Dave and his Google Maps to which we ended up on a goat track which led to a temple and what seemed like a good flat concrete surface to which I pitched my tent on. We cooked up some pasta and egg dish and went to sleep as the Mozzies were coming in. Marcus and Lawrence turned up well into the night and weren’t so happy as we had left them during the day.

The next morning we had eggs again all packed up and headed for Hyderabad. As a group we were travelling along and found a dam. After taking some pictures and moving on Rupert and Dave went for a bit of a blast to which I then came around the mountain and found Rupert’s bike on the ground and him pacing about. He was ok another bit of skin rash from the jacket. Thank god we all wear the proper protective gear or it could have been a lot worse. I set about resetting all his front forks and steering as it was slightly bent out of shape. It wasn’t perfect but it will work to get through to Hyderabad and have a better look at what was bent.

We then found a hotel still outside Hyderabad and spent the night. We had an amusing meal where the waiters insisted on serving everyone and splitting all the meals around. Of course we took this on and kept asking for a bit of this and a bit of that. Lawrence wasn’t to amused with this idea as the waiter kept sticking his arse next to Lawrence to serve.

We as per normal waited for Dave in the morning to pack and then headed for Hyderabad.

As we arrived into town Rupert had found a nice guesthouse, but as per normal Dave wanted his couch surfing and that we should be near where he stays. We headed over to the place and they were nice guys but as I had stated all along couch surfing is not for me and I would find a hotel. After a few hours of explaining to Dave I don’t couch surf and after looking at one of the guys Aunties house, to which was then to expensive for Dave as I wasn’t staying there. Rupert and I headed for a hotel in town and gave the location to Marcus and Lawrence.

The hotel was about 12kms away and on arrival the management took about setting us up for photos and selfies and lining the bikes up this way and that. We finally settled in the rooms and had a meal. On heading outside later for a smoke they had completely surrounded the bikes with tables and moved their security to be standing in front of the bikes.

During the meal we had discussed whether to stay for a couple of days or move on in the morning. Due to time we figured it was best to start the move north towards Burma as we were 4,000 odd kms away from it and still needed to apply for Burma visa in Kolkata.


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