Days 161-162… – 27/01/2016-28/01/2016 – Bangalore

As we arrived into Bangalore I split from Lawrence, Marcus and Dave as they were going couch surfing and I was meeting up with Rupert. As it turned out I made the smart option as the couch surfing was a dump :).  Marcus and Lawrence moved to a hotel nearby Rupert and myself, Dave found another couch surfing place as he is budgeting on a very cheap trip and limited budget.

The bike developed another misfire on the way into Bangalore which was causing me grief. After some research I took the bike to a KTM store/workshop (I use this term lightly) and persuaded the manager to allow me to use a bench to go over the bike and sort out the problem. It turned out that due to the bad fuel or maybe the piston going back in Uzbekistan that the injector was faulty, lucky I was carrying a spare :).

I also ordered some oil and plugs from Goa which turned out to be wrong type so I walked away with an alarmed disc lock. The KTM workshop at least had 10-50w oil. Oil change and service complete I was ready to hit the road again.

Spent a couple of days checking out Bangalore and was ready to go the Friday morning headed for Hyderabad.

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