Days 158-160… – 24/01/2016-26/01/2016 – Hampi – Bangalore

We left Hampi as a group of 4 we lost Phil as he had to fly back to Switzerland to renew his passport.

As we were travelling along we pulled over into a quiet town for a bit of shade and a drink. This is what happened within 10 mins.


Where did I go ?

After all the selfies and pics and usual questions we headed off andΒ pulled up into an area somewhere near half way between Hampi and Bangalore and camped for the night.

We had some locals visit to say hello and as per usual they tell all the friends and soon we had about 30 guys turning up drunk which took a bit of persuading to leave.

As we woke there was a group of kids that climbed the coconut trees and brought down fresh coconuts for everyone πŸ™‚

We packed up and headed for Bangalore where I had arranged to stay in the same share place as Rupert.

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