Days 140-157… – 06/01/2016-23/01/2016 – Hampi

On arriving in the old town we set about looking for a place to stay and found a cheap room the 3 of us could share. This included NO hot water and some very hard mattresses in a very rundown house. After unpacking and settling in we went for a meal at a place recommended to us from the place we stayed in at Goa. Another non-veg and no alcohol restaurant. We spent some time and had a feed then hit the mattress for the night. The next day we explored some of Hampi’s temples and rock formations. Later that afternoon we took the boat across the river to a place called Goan’s Corner on the recommendation of a nice pizza. The place was full of backpackers and climbers and had beer, this was enough for us to decide to move there the next morning as it was too late to checkout of the place across the river.

We packed up the next morning and had to ride 50 kms just to get to the other side of the river. We didn’t make a booking but the sons of the family who run it are into bikes and particularly the KTM 690 Enduro so pleaded with their mum to let us stay. We ended up staying 15 days !!!!

The place was very relaxing with some very interesting rocks and formations around it. I would recommend going to stay there while you still can, the government is destroying the places and trying to move it to 5 star accommodation only.

After spending a long time there we got to know a lot people and met Marcus the crazy dutchman travelling on a Royal Enfield around India (he is joining us for travel up north).

We waited for Lawrence to catch up from Mumbai and also his friend Fred came and stayed a few days.

We went out for a few rides into the countryside and the bike developed a misfire. It was caused by bad fuel (dirty and water) apparently very common in India and we are advised to only use big stations near cities. I replaced all the filters and it settled.

The Goan Corner is a relaxing and entertaining place to stay just hope it is still there when I go back next time. Would throughly recommend anyone to stay there.

After the shanti shanti couple of weeks it was time to get moving towards the North.

As again no internet and I could rattle on for ages about it.

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