Days 138-139 – 04/01/2016-05/01/2016 – Goa to Hampi

I am now traveling with the Swiss ….Phil and Dave. We headed off around 11 to get as far as we could towards Hampi.

We stopped a couple of times in shade for a drink. We then stopped in a town bus stop for a coconut and we were swarmed by locals. This is very common stopping in any place with people. After a lot of selfies and the usual how much did it cost, how much fuel, how far can you go, where are you from questions 100 times. We headed off again. We rode till about 4pm then stopped again in a side street to not get too much attention so as to get food for dinner.  Dave and I stayed with the bikes while Phil found food. By the time Phil returned the street was blocked with a massive group of locals surrounding the bikes.  We couldn’t even turn the bikes so rode up the street to find a place to turnaround safely. We rode about another hour and then headed for the fields for my first taste of wild camping. 

We rode a kilometer or so off the highway into a field and setup camp.  Must say first time setting up new tent and it was a breeze. Single pole and no need for the cover as it is such warm weather and no sign of rain. The Swiss chef Phil set about cooking tomato risotto and baked egg plant (cooked by burning a stump ?), must say wasn’t too bad at all.

The next morning we packed up and hit the road to Hampi. We arrived mid afternoon and found a guesthouse in the old town.
To be continued ……

Photos still proving an issue to upload sorry

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