Day 26 – 16/9/2015 – Turkey Troy – Bergama

I finally have the cable to connect iPad to GoPro ? so now you should see more pictures and hopefully video.  I will go back through the blogs and add some more to make it more real for you all
 Today the plan was to go to Troy then head for Ankara and sort some visa stuff out for after Iran.
 First stop Troy. Didn’t pay the entrance fee so snapped picture from the gates. Just as I was about to leave I ran into Mustafa (German Turkish guy from Macedonia).  We chatted and he was headed for Izmir to see family so my plans changed and we rode together.


One of the many towns I went through.  Just ignore speed limits and keep going or you will get hooted and 81 was slow most were doing 120. Not sure I like the speedo in the photos ?
 Main roads have a decent surface for most parts
Long boring and straight 
Off the main roads the surface gets a bit interesting and not a lot of room for oncoming traffic.

 Sorry about the bugs on the following ones
The Turkish coast headed towards Izmir.
Very windy and dry off the coast.
Getting use to drinking a lot of chai (black tea).  You get this stuff everywhere.

 Once we arrived in Bergama
Mustafa on the left was catching up with a friend Alper who kindly offered me a couch for the night and refused to let me buy dinner. The Turkish have been the most friendly and try to communicate whatever way. They also helped me sort out a fuel leak (someone stole one of the breather pipes off the caps back in Macedonia )

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