Day 7 – Another farewell and Beatenberg to Jackobsbad

So another farewell to Tracey and Fran this morning then it was on the road to head for Austria.  Bike is a lot better with the cull in Switzerland. The roads in Switzerland are just amazing, not a bad road in sight. Filled the bike this morning and was off … The plan is to get to Mattighofen for Monday to visit the KTM factory and hopefully find a larger spring for the bike.  Once this is sorted it is head south for the Baltics. 

Strange feeling to be on the road alone again will take a few days to adjust and get on with it. I cannot thank Fran and Tracey enough for the last couple of days. Awesome company and great friends. They looked after me and nothing was any trouble from taking all the gear back to London, the room in their hotel, driving me about town to find a sleeping bag and flip flops to driving me around to get some photos

On the photo note I do have a lot of photos and will upload them and get Reece (brother) to add them to posts. Internet has been very hit and miss (tonight so far so good). I took a couple off the iPad tonight

auf Wiedersehen for now.
 Not a bad spot to be for the night.  
Lots of paragliding around everywhere   

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