Day 69 – 28/10/15 – Toudeshk – Damghan

Today was a ride through the desert for 500+ kilometres. This was very dull and not much to see or keep you entertained.


On arriving into Damghan, I pulled over to check for where hotels were and as per normal Iran within 1 minute someone had stopped and said to follow him to the hotel which I did. This is the first time I have been to a place in Iran and found they didn’t want tourists there. Let me explain! I walked into the hotel and the guy on reception was great and friendly and proceeded to check me into a room, then the manager (I assumed) walked over and said we are full goodbye. This was the Damghan Inn (Top Pick in Lonely Planet). They then directed me to another the Danesh Hotel. I went into this hotel same thing and he tried to direct me back to the other hotel, we lots of sign language and broken english he gave in and gave me a room. This was a very basic run down hotel which didn’t have showers and it was a communal toilets. As I said first time I had found Iran not hospitable of friendly.

Least I had a bed for the night.

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