Day 68 – 27/10/15 – Kashan – Toudeshk

Packed up and had the staff help me lift the bike out of the courtyard and was off to Isfahan.

As usual it was a pretty uneventful day on the road more desert and people taking pics (starting to get a complex on being a celebrity).

2015-10-27 11.38.34

On arriving to Isfahan the traffic is mental to put it politely and full of crazy drivers. I pushed on through the town as can’t handle the amount of traffic there was.

Stopped for a bite to eat around 3pm to get me by till I was able to find a place to stay. Next thing one of the waiter staff handed me his phone and it was a guy who owned a guesthouse about 20k down the road. After some SMS and chatting I had the location into the GPS and was off.

2015-10-27 11.37.552015-10-27 11.38.07I ended up at the Tac-Taku Guest House which is on the Silk Road trail and in Lonely Planet. This is a real Iranian house of mud and straw. Sorry not sure I have a lot of pictures of it as was very tired. Mohammad was the owner and a lovely chap. Another couple turned up late in the night backpacking from Belgium (I think). Spent some time chatting to them in the morning over breakfast. (if you guys are reading this please comment your names and where you were from 🙂 )

2015-10-27 17.18.59

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