Day 67 – 26/10/15 – Tehran – Kashan

After re-packing the whole bike and checking everything over I finally got away about 10

2015-10-26 10.02.57

I decided to head south and see some of Iran and make the most of my time here due to the visa delay of 5 – 10 days.

First destination Kashan, which is about 250 kilometres from Tehran.

I started out on the freeway which was a bad choice seeing motorbikes are forbidden on them. This then lead to my first time of being stopped by the police and asked for papers. I was expecting to be turned around and told go back. To my surprise he told me to keep going after asking at a window. I figured don’t push my luck and left at the next exit to the old road.

Fuel light came on so I stopped for fuel, this was the most interesting stop so far, I am use to people all around the bike and wanting to take pictures. So, when a guy came up with his phone and tapped me on the shoulder I was expecting a photo, NOPE!!!, this guy was showing me porn on his phone. I took this as my queue to get out of their fast.

Rest of the day was cruising the roads looking at desert. I am also going to try avoiding the big towns as the traffic is just chaos and no road rules. Plus the people trying to take photos and video while driving along side me. This causes them to drift towards me and very off putting.

Kasha is another largish town and following the Sat Nav and what signs are in english I headed towards the hotel only to be stopped by a parade with men slapping themselves with chains. Unfortunately the battery was flat on the GoPro and I couldn’t get to the camera as traffic was a nightmare.

Found the hotel is was in a back alley and then a smaller alley. It isn’t exactly a hotel more a traditional home changed into a hotel. It is well laid out and comfy a little on the pricey side.

2015-10-26 16.48.05 2015-10-26 16.50.57

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