Day 50 – 10/10/15 Nashtarood – Tehran

The rain has stopped and it is time to get moving again.

I started out along the Caspian Sea till I reached Chalus and then took a right to head back through the mountains to Tehran.

Riding from one side of the mountain range to the other you could see the change in contrasts from very plush and green the Caspian side to every colour of brown and rocky the other. The road ran through a valley that had all sorts of rock hangovers and between rock faces. The temperature rose as I was going through and was much warmer on the Tehran side. I followed what looked like a major roads through some of the Ski resorts as the cable cars and ski shops were all closed awaiting the season to come in. I would love to visit in the snow season to see how different the place would be.

The roads into Tehran are busy and I have learnt there is no road rules or driving standards here and I mean none.

Found the hotel after a couple of trips around the block. (I should of just turned around on the one way street and went back, as that is the driving standards here)



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