Day 5 and  6- Strasbourg to Beatenberg Switzerland – Alps riding

So on a very kind offer of Francios and Tracey Gous I made a beeline for Beatenberg to spend a couple of nights with them. They were here on a biking holiday from London. The plan was to set off and head straight for them. Arrived around 2pm and proceeded to cull my luggage AGAIN as they offered to take back anything I didn’t need back to London. This took a few hours to go through everything and throw out anything not 100% needed, bike was still way too heavy. Also the sleeping bags I brought were terrible so they took me to town and I purchased a lot better quality one and some flip flops (thongs for the Aussies). So I dropped about another 30kgs off the bike think now it is down to me to diet and make it lighter ?

Today we spent the day out riding the Alps and had a fantastic time although the bike had no luggage so a bit hard on the butt. 

I will add some photos soon. 

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