Day 47 – 7/10/15 – Tabriz – Khalkhal

Quick catchup: After changing the tire!!! I rode from Urmia in the late afternoon to Tabriz and stayed in a hotel overnight in the centre of town.

The morning started out as raining … I hung around the hotel until there was a break in the weather and headed toward Rasht along the Caspian Sea. Didn’t quite make it and ended up in Khalkha after finding no services on the major roads and heading towards the nearest town on the GPS. On heading towards the town I ran out of fuel (I carry spare) as I pulled up and topped up with the spare fuel a truck pulled up and offered me fuel or a lift to get it and explained it was 40kms away.

He followed me all the way to town pulled up alongside me and offered me a place to stay for the night in his home (I have to remember to take pictures).

I was welcomed into his home and offered a very traditional meal and a room for the night which was amazing.



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