Day 44-46 – 4-6/10/15 – Urmia

What an amazing town and hosts!!!

I arrived fairly late the night before due to not factoring in the timezone changes 🙂 (I am learning) I was welcomed by Hossein and his family.  Once settled in and relaxed off the bike Lawrence from Sweden (kidding it is Switzerland) turned up. He had crossed the Armenian border and headed down to Urmia. Went out to grab some food was Iranian Pizza (very different more like a cruskit biscuit base).

The next day we spent driving / walking about Urmia and seeing the town. These towns are untouched by the tourist dollar and you are not harassed to buy anything or the pressure selling we are use to. The bazaar was huge and had everything you would ever want and a lot of hand made tools and knives. Hossein took us for a traditional lunch which consisted of a lamb soup type dish that we were taught how to eat. You get a hot pot of stew which they pour the liquid into a bowl which you break the nan style bread into to soak up the fluids and then pour in the remaining contents which you mash and then eat.

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Hossein invited us to one of his relations Iranian Wedding that night which was an experience I will never forget and never been welcomed into a special event as if we were part of his family. This was a separated party where men are one side and women the other. They video the mens side and show it to the women. It went from 9am to 3am. You don’t get fed till the end of the night and there is no booze. Lawrence and I were both dragged up and made special mention of and had to dance with the men. It is a lot of dancing and money throwing 🙂

I had an issue with the Karoo 3 tires and they started to break apart. Hossein went everywhere to find me one as there is no bikes in Iran like the adventure bikes. At the last minute before leaving he managed to find me a motocross tire that would fit. Lawrence and then spent the morning changing the tire to get me on my way.

2015-10-06 10.14.10

Cracked up Karoo 3

2015-10-06 14.10.25


If you are even thinking about heading to Iran I suggest you get hold of Hossein at Overland to Iran he is also on Facebook and WhatsApp. I cannot recommend his service highly enough to what an introduction to Iran he gave us.

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