Day 41 – 01/10/2015 Visa obtained. Ankara to Samsun

The morning was spent going to Iranian embassy for the 3rd time to pick up my passport with the visa.

Then back to hotel and load up the bike to head for the border. I ended up in a town called Samsun on the Black Sea. It was a very wet ride for most of the afternoon. Stopped at services to get out of the rain and they tried to feed me and drank lots of cay (tea) tried to pay them but they refused. Had a break in the rain so took off again but didn’t last long so pushed on until 6pm and found a hotel.

Some photos from when it was dry.

stopped for lunch

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  1. Simon 5th October 2015 at 14:24


    Did the Macedonians also steal your left arm which appears to be missing in most photos?

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