Day 28-40 – 19/09-30/09/15 Ankara

As all good plans go….things happen. I checked in late Friday and sat around waiting till Monday to hit the Tajikistan embassy. Well I have now learnt do not rely on google maps. I walked around for hours and asked directions but no embassy. It was sinking hot and I stumbled across the Aus embassy and thought why not ask them if they can help me locate the embassy. Well that was an even bigger waste of time, I was allowed into the foyer of the building and directed to an information desk. They rang the embassy (which is on 7th floor) and handed over the phone, the guy could not spoke the most limited English and basically told me to go away he couldn’t help.  To say I’m not disgusted would be an understatement, I would hate to of been in trouble. I had walked 10ks so went back to hotel to do more research.

That evening I decided to replace my tent as the weight is too much so I found the MSR brand distribute and emailed them. So I now have a MSR Hubba Hubba HP backpackers tent and a therm-a-rest mattress coming in at under 2kgs. Compared to my at least 6kgs old gear.

Up early and into a cab, as I don’t like the way they drive here, to the Tajikistan embassy. Luck has it I found it. Bad news he refused to process the visa as more than a month before I would arrive. So back to drawing board as I need this visa before I can apply for Uzbekistan and then Turkmenistan.

At the same time Laura (gf) was sending me paperwork from London for the carnet de passage and some spare breathers for the stolen bit of fuel cap.  These were sent Weds and expected to arrive Friday / Saturday….Only problem they have a 5 day religious holiday here from Weds -Sun and no one works. They have made customs and I can’t get a straight answer out of DHL as to when they will be released other than call back Monday. 

Lucky I didn’t take off early as my Iranian visa come through which should of been Armenia and it was Ankara. That means find another embassy and get the stamp.

So I am stuck in Ankara twiddling thumbs waiting on paperwork. Hopefully be out on Tuesday if everything comes through.
Update:  I have a visa took an extra day to wait for. Left on the 1st

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  1. Rita 27th September 2015 at 05:49

    Sounds like your handling well. Just breathe and enjoy the sunshine till Tuesday!!!!

  2. Simon 5th October 2015 at 14:20

    Jeez Geez, is it a case the further you go the less you speaka da good Inglish (let alone type it)? Forget to pack the Jones V1 spellchecker?

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