Day 25 – 15/9/15 Turkey (ANZAC)

Made my way to the Turkish border … was a pretty painless process as I already had my E-Visa. I didn’t realise I could get the Green Card Insurance before the border so had to walk back through the border to get it (I knew about this one). Once through all of the processes and checked again, I headed for ANZAC cove. I spent quite a lot of time riding around and looking at everything. I do have a video of the roads and trenches etc (just can’t get enough bandwidth to upload).

I then drove around the coast and caught the ferry to Çanakkale. This city is very tourist orientated, with people and traffic just everywhere, so I drove straight through and saw signs for Troy, so started heading that direction and found a hotel. I met some Honda Gold Wing riders (2 couples and a dog Brutus, they had a sidecar) at the hotel. There was a convention happening in Izmir for all of Europe which explains all of them at the Turkish border. Chatted to them for quite some time over a beer – one couple was Slovakian and the other Belgium so they spoke English 🙂



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