Day 22 – 12/9/15 – Montenegro Albania Macedonia

What an interesting day. Set off from Montenegro headed to Albania hoping for some quieter roads and too have a nice easy day. That all changed once I crossed into Albania. They are the most lunatic drivers I have seen. Forget speed limits and they just overtake and force you over to the edge. Decided I needed a break and stopped at a services. Met up with a Scotsman Nigel and Marcus who were cycling through.  Had a coffee with them then realised no local currency. They were kind enough looked after me. It was then I decided to head for Macedonia and get off any main roads. This was the best choice and saw some amazing mountain roads.  I’m now in Ohrid.  Got stitched up crossing the Macedonia border with green card insurance. Now I know to get it well beforehand or have euro in your pocket. €50 or $60 USD for 15 days. I’m sure he charged me more than that… I only had €25 and he added USD$40 to that.

Internet is proving challenging in most places …. where is McDonald’s when you need free wifi

 Marcus and Nigel 

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