Day 20 10/9/15 – Sarajevo to Croatia 

Had to pull headlight off again this morning. Must of knocked wire off main beam during the gps repairs?.  This delayed me again. 

Terrible weather on the road for most of the day pouring rain. Found a cafe along the way to get a coffee and late breakfast. Spoke to some Canadian and Americans who hired bikes from Zagreb and we’re headed for Montenegro. In general most people are friendly and will try to communicate.

Finally got some warm weather after Gasko and everything started to dry out. Got to the border and grabbed out passport guard was not impressed I had it in my mouth and wouldn’t touch it, just abused me!

Back in Croatia for short time then back in Bosnia just flagged through next passport control. 

Found campsite not far into Bosnia and  settled in for the night. 

Getting much more use to bike need to sort something on side stand as hard to lift up with wet boots. May just get a hose clamp to give boot something to bite into. 

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