Day 18 – 8/9/15 – Zadar to Baska Voda 

After finding a moto shop I. Zadar most of the day was set to repairing the broken mount for the gps. This holds my gps and tracking device. I know you all would hate to not know where I am ?. 

So after getting the story across it was drills and hacksaws and a lot of swearing but all sorted and a lot stronger now (I hope)

This is where I say goodbye to Frances and thank her for the week or so of travels

I then headed for Baska Voda on the main coastal route. It juts inland and you get glimpses of the coast. I eventually followed the coast right next to the water. No photos as was late getting away from Zadar. 

Followed the sat nav to a caravan park and it took me along the footpath. Boy did I get some looks. This is where I drop the bike, went to take a sharp corner and people in the way.  Too much lean and weight and it went down. No damage and people helped to get it right side up. 

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