Day 121-127 – 19-25/12/15 – India – Amritsar to Goa

I spent 2 days in Amritsar in a nice hotel to get over the bad stomach from Pakistan and left on the 20th towards Goa for Xmas.

I got as far as Hanumanangarh Town and stayed at the Rajvi Palace Hotel. Very lovely hotel only issue was this was a veg only restaurant which was a new one to me but, a common thing in India so i was to learn, after a very chilly nights sleep in a huge tiled room with no heating.

The next day I rode to Manisha to the worst hotel I have had so far, no heating, no hot water (well I had a bucket heated with an electric heater suspended by a piece of timber), dirty room, terrible food. If only I had of known I was only 15 kms from Pushkar, which was a big town full of hotel. As the sun was going down I tried using search on the GPS for nearest hotel. I don’t travel after sunset due to the traffic being so bad and the traffic not knowing how to use headlights or taillights.

The next day was a long day to Indore after trying multiple hotels where the outside staff were saying there was room I was then told no room so after 5 different hotel I found an amazing hotel a little further out of town (and paid for it) after the night before this was well worth the money spent and as the night before only cost me £8 I wasn’t terribly worried. The hotel was laid out in massive grounds that were secured and they covered the bike to stop people surrounding it and taking photos. This hotel was under re-construction and I was put into the new wing with the whole room being controlled by an iPad. Best shower in a month 🙂 The hotel was being prepared to become the first Marriott in the area

Made Nashik the following night and the GPS sent me to a very crap location so after the night before I decided to search the map for a place that had a big compound around it and landed at The Gateway Hotel. Again the was a long discussion around where to park the bike, as some negotiations we agreed right under the window of the room I was staying in and not with the other Indian bikes. The staff in the larger hotels is always willing to help a lot more and nothing is any bother. Mind… you do pay for the privilege.

Following the GPS the next day I was hoping to avoid going through Pune, unfortunately you can guess which way it took me. This cost me an extra 1-hour or so just to get through one town. The traffic is a nightmare and you can’t avoid the tuk-tuks or other bikes and cars. You can never let your concentration lapse. Once through the town and back on the main road I saw another GB registered KTM 1190 Adventure R. I pulled up and said hello and met Rupert who was also headed to Goa as I had a place to go for he joined in and we started riding together. We rode until night and then looked for a hotel on the highway… as it was XMAS eve the first one was completely booked out the next one was just down the road and had rooms. It was basic had running water (cold) and beer and food.

XMAS day we made Agonda Beach in Goa around lunchtime and caught up with Phil and David the rest of the group headed towards Burma.


Continued on next post …..

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