Day 120 – 18/12/15 – Pakistan – India

As I now had the visa I could finally pack up and leave Lahore, I had about 40 kilometers to get to the border. I arrived on the Pakistan side of the Wagah border around lunchtime and was processed very quickly in and out in about 45 mins (record so far I think) next was to cross into India for immigration and customs. The aim was to be through in time to see the ceremony at sundown (closing). As all good plans on travelling I was sent here and there and filled out more paperwork then more paperwork and more.

They finally had all the paperwork (so I thought), then customs …. Take your bike to here and the dog sniffed through everything. After about 45mins to an hour of standing about I was then directed back to the main building and strip the bags off the bike to carry through a very large building for X-ray, by this time I could here the ceremony was starting and I was going to miss it, once finally X-ray was done I had to then carry all the luggage further through the hall for more checking. Finally I was through all the checking …. then more paperwork!!!!

They then made me leave my bags on the other side of the hall to the bike and walk around the outside of the building to get the bike. Loaded the bike back, headed for the gate …. guess what MORE paperwork…. Finally I was through and in India. As the ceremony was ¾ through I decided to skip this and head for the hotel in Amritsar, which was about 65-70 kilometers.

Shame I missed the ceremony.

I followed the Sat Nav and had basement parking was a very nice change after the crap I stayed in Lahore.


Will be here for another day just to rest

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