Days 330-357 – 15/07/16-11/08/2016 – South Thailand

South Thailand Country: 28 (2nd time in Thailand) After a very painless border crossing (they didn't even ask for the permit) I was back in Thailand and headed towards Pattaya to see some people Lawrence had been chatting to. Unfortunately on arriving they were not in the country so I headed into town and found a [...]

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Days 302-330 – 17/06/16-15/07/16 – Cambodia

Cambodia…. a bit wet :( Country: 28 Entering into Cambodia was quite painless and easy. Fill out form, pay visa here, go here, fill out form, stamp here, Customs (had to force them to stamp Carnet) and we were through. We stopped for lunch just after the border t have lunch with Rupert before he took [...]

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Days 279-302 – 25/05/16-17/06/16 – Vietnam

Vietnam.... What an amazing country Country: 27 We headed off in the rain for the Cau Treo Border Pass this proved very tricky in some spots where you couldn't see the fresh spray tar again (this time I managed to stay upright). We arrived at the border and processed ourselves out of Laos with no [...]

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Days 257-279 – 03/05/16-25/05/16 – Laos

Laos.... reminds me of Myanmar Country: 26 Another border crossing and another lot of confusion… The Thai side was pretty straight forward until we were charged 500 Baht to be escorted over the bridge which had no traffic on it. Coming into Laos we processed our Visas ($30USD for 28 days on Australian passport) then [...]

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Days 214-257 – 21/03/2016-03/05/16 – Northern Thailand

Thailand... what a difference Country: 25 Another long post to catch up :) After crossing into Thailand yesterday the first thing we come across is how westernised Thailand is. Tescos, 7-Eleven and major western chains just in the first town of Mae Sot is big culture shock to us all after the last 5 months [...]

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Days 201-214 – 07/03/2016-20/03/2016 – Myanmar

WE MADE IT TO MYANMAR !!!!! Entering into Myanmar was an interesting challenge for Lawrence and Phil as they had extended visas and didn't know they had to extend their carnets to match the new visas. After a couple of hours of debate and discussion they were finally allowed to leave India after writing letters [...]

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Days 181-200 – 16/02/2016-06/03/2016 – Varanasi-Moreh Border

Catch-up time ...... sorry for the delays in posts Today we leave Varanasi and say goodbye to our Dutch companion Marcus, it was a rather sad moment as we had travelled together since Hampi and he has been entertaining with the same level of banter as myself. Will definitely catch up with him again somewhere [...]

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Days 173-180 – 08/02/2016-15/02/2016 – Kolkata-Varanasi

After spending a few nights in Kolkata and everyone catching up (besides Phil still in Switzerland getting new passport) we made a plan to head for Varanasi with Rupert spending an extra day in Kolkata we decided on stopping on Bodhgaya as a mid point and to wait for Rupert. Not knowing anything about this [...]

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Days 163-165… – 29/01/2016-31/01/2016 – Bangalore – Hyderabad

We headed for the Belum caves to do some sight-seeing and then backtrack to the edge of the “Indian Grand Canyon” just South of Kurnool. After some time we found the caves which after descending into turned out to be the most humid and basically a sauna our only relief was the very occasional air fan [...]

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